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Gynaecological Cancer

Group Leader : Dr Caroline Ford
Our overall aim is to understand the key processes in epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and metastasis, in order to identify targets for novel cancer therapies. ...
Caroline Ford

Histone Modification

Group Leader : Dr Tao Liu
Understanding histone modifying enzymes in gene transcription and cancer formation and developing molecularly targeted cancer therapies ...
Tao Liu

Infectious Disease Responses and Oncoviruses

Group Leader : Prof Kevin Downard
Researching the development and application of molecular based methods, including mass spectrometry, to improve the identification, characterisation and responses to viruses that cause infectious disease and cancer. ...
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Leukaemia Biology

Group Leader : Prof Richard Lock
The long-term goal of the Leukaemia Biology program is to improve the treatment of children with leukaemia through the development of new therapies and their preclinical testing in clinically relevant experimental models ...
Richard Lock

Long Term Follow Up Project

Group Leader : A/Prof Richard Cohn
The Long-Term Follow-up Project is a collaboration with the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Sydney Children’s Hospital. The project combines clinical and laboratory research to learn more about the long-term effects of childhood cancer and its treatment, and to apply this knowledge to improve the quality of life of future survivors ...
Richard Cohn


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