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Surviving the zombie apocalypse -a holiday adventure

30 Jun 2014, 07 Jul 2014

10am-4.30pm June 30 - July 11 This really is your only hope to train to defeat possible real Zombie* diseases in Australia's only public disease museum, teaching you to avoid the Zombie Apocalypse. The Museum’s display of human tissue specimens may not be appropriate for everyone please consider this prior to purchasing your ticket. * Zombies may not be real, but the science...

Museum of Human Disease

POWCS PhD Candidate wins National Heart Foundation of Australia Award

02 DEC 2021 -

Praveen Indraratna, PhD candidate in the Prince of Wales Clinical School, has won the PhD Category for the NSW Cardiovascular Research Network’s The...

Image of Praveen Indraratna


08 Mar 2021 -

What misconceptions do we still have about women's minds and bodies? On International Women’s Day, A/Prof Caroline Ford interviews award-winning British science journalist and...

Associate Professor Caroline Ford and Angela Saini, both smiling at the camera

Medical Program Phase 1 Facilitation Training, Tuesday 4th February

04 Feb 2020 -

Re Medical Program Phase 1 Facilitation Training, Tuesday 4th February


Image - Medical Program Phase 1 Facilitation Training, Tuesday 4th February

New Teaching Staff Induction Day, Monday 3rd February 2020

03 Feb 2020 -

Attn: all new teaching staff and staff beginning to teaching this year:


New Staff Induction

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