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Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics

Group Leader : Dr Jason Wong
With the proliferation of biological data over the past decade, bioinformatics has become an indispensable tool in understanding biological processes.  The major focus of our research is to contribute to the understanding of the functional aspects of the human genome in health and disease through integrative analysis of the different levels of information encoded by the genome. Our research involves the application of methods in data mining and machine learning to a broad range of problems in genomics, proteomics and molecular evolution with particular focus on cancer biology. Our research group also extensively use mass spectrometry as a technique to study proteins and the proteome in relation of gene regulation and protein function. ...
Jason Wong

Cancer and Stem Cell Biology

Group Leader : Dr Jenny Wang
Genetic and epigenetic abnormalities enable cancer stem cells to hijack normal stem cell self-renewal mechanisms that multiply out of control, causing cancer. The major goal of the Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Group is to understand the mechanisms that regulate aberrant self-renewal and drug resistance of malignant stem cells, and to develop cancer stem cell-targeted therapies that are more effective and less toxic for patients with tumours ...
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Cancer Cell Immortality

Group Leader : Dr Jeremy Henson
Cellular immortality is a hallmark of cancer and provides a cancer-specific target for creating anti-cancer drugs with minimal side-effects. The Cancer Cell Immortality Group has developed the only specific biomarker and quantitative assay for the ALT (Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres) immortality mechanism, which now makes it possible to generate novel ALT-targeted therapeutics and diagnostics, as well as furthering our understanding of the ALT cellular immortality mechanism. ...
Dr Jeremy Henson

Cure Brain Cancer Neuro-Oncology

Group Leader : A/Prof Kerrie McDonald
The discovery of new biomarkers with capacity to predict patient response to treatment is a key priority of the Cure Brain Cancer Neuro-oncology Group ...
Kerrie McDonald

Experimental Therapeutics

Group Leader : Prof Michelle Haber AM
This program aims to identify ‘molecular targets’ - critical genes and proteins that contribute to the growth and malignant behaviour of cancer cells, so that therapeutic strategies can then be developed to inhibit their action, with the goal of treating the cancer more effectively ...
Michelle Haber


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