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Stem Cell

Group Leader : Prof John Pimanda
The primary focus of our research program is to better understand how genes that drive blood and mesenchymal stem cell development are regulated ...
John Pimanda

Stem Cells and Cancer

Our work spans both molecular and patient biology to address the twin issues of cancer and stem cells in people. Our interdisciplinary and complementary research programme focusses on cancer stem cell biology and strongly integrates with other UNSW groups working on tumour initiation, the microenvironment and inflammation, stem cell biology, drug discovery, and early clinical trials. ...
image - Lowy Research V1

Tumour Biology and Targeting Program

Group Leader : Prof Maria Kavallaris
The Tumour Biology and Targeting Program aims to discover new ways to target drug-resistant cancer and to develop new, less toxic forms of treatment ...
Maria Kavallaris


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