Brains or brawn, should science receive as much Government funding as sport?

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Event date :
Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - 12:30 to 13:30
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Lunchtime Seminar
Location :
Martin Place, Sydney
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Dr Charlie Teo, Neurosurgeon, UNSW Conjoint Associate Professor and Founder of Cure For Life Foundation joins brain power with Dr Andrew Penman, CEO Cancer Council NSW and Julian Huxley, Wallabies player and brain cancer survivor.  The event, Facilitated by Trevor Danos, Partner Corrs Chambers Westgarth, is part of  Brains in the 'Place', a lunchtime series of rigorous minds and robust discussions in Sydney’s Martin Place. 

From May 7 to 10 where for one hour every day Sydney’s best legal, sporting, science, media, arts, technology and education minds will battle their brains in public. The ROBUST discussion series is an initiative from Dr Charlie Teo’s Cure For Life Foundation, and Cancer Council NSW. See for a full listing of all ROBUST discussions.

ROBUST is one of the many events happening during Brain Cancer Action Week 2012  - an initiative of Cancer Council NSW in collaboration with the Cancer Institute NSW Oncology Group Neuro-Oncology and Cure For Life Foundation. It aims to take action to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research and focus on a building a national approach to brain cancer outcomes. For a full list of Brain Cancer Action Week events see


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