Researcher Jeremy Henson wins the Thinkable Innovation Award for research

Date Published :
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeremy Henson, leading a small group researching cancer cell immortality at the POW Clinical School in Lowy, entered a competition to win a Thinkable Innovation Award. Jeremy’s submission was for inventing a technology that makes it possible to generate the first cancer cures that target the cancer-specific ALT mechanism, which is used by some of the worst prognosis cancers, including brain, bone, lung and breast cancers. This technology will be used for high-throughput screening of the potential cure “universe”, which is the most prospective strategy for discovering ALT-targeted (low side-effect) cancer cures.
The Thinkable Innovation Award is a research grant that is open to all researchers in any field around the world and awarded openly by allowing Thinkable researchers and members to vote on their favourite idea. There were 48 entries across the sciences from university researchers internationally (11 from UNSW Australia). Jeremy’s award includes AUS$5,000 to help fund his research.
You can look at Jeremy’s award-winning  3 minute video here.

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