Revolution in Breast Cancer - Diagnosis and Treatment

Event date :
Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 09:00
Location :
Wallace Wurth C27, LG03
Booking deadline: 
Contact for inquiries
Wendy Wartho

NSW Health Pathology East
TIME: 9am – 2pm
The focus of the symposium will be talks from specialists in Histopathology, Clinical Chemistry, Genetics and Oncology relating to the latest diagnosis, research and treatment.
Professor John Pimanda – ‘Ageing and clonal blood disorders’
A/Professor Rosemary Balleine - 'Proteomic profiling of breast cancer'
Professor Boon Chua – ‘Recent advances in Radiation Oncology management of breast cancer’
These presentations will be followed by ten 3-minute (3MT) presentations by SEALS researchers with prizes awarded to the best three.  Instructions regarding the 3MT presentations are attached.
Prof Denis Wakefield
Refreshments will be available following the meeting. 


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