Single receptor labelling using fluorescent ruby nanoparticles

Image - Single receptor labelling using fluorescent ruby nanoparticles
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Friday, October 27, 2017 - 15:30
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Wallace Wurth C27, LG02
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Natasha Kumar | Greg Smith | Ingvars Birznie;

Neuroscience & Non-communicable Diseases Seminar
Dr Varun Sreenivasan, Single Molecule Science, School of Medical Sciences UNSW
Fluorescence-based assays and microscopy to measure and visualize biomolecules continue to impose ever-increasing demands on probe-characteristics such as brightness, photostability, detection-sensitivity, biocompatibility and cost. Our efforts have been focused on fluorescent probes that can enable long-term single molecule imaging in optically crowded samples, where contrast of probes are otherwise significantly challenged. With a backdrop of our earlier work on fluorescent nanoparticles such as quantum dots, nanodiamonds and upconversion nanoparticles, I will discuss the development of a novel photoluminescent nanoparticle probe called Nanoruby. The unique photophysical characteristics of nanoruby, derived from the gemstone Ruby, enables continued imaging for extended time periods with single-particle sensitivity even in a highly fluorescent optical background. We demonstrate the uses and advantages of the developed nanoruby probe in two separate applications: (1) for visualizing mu-opioid receptors on cell membrane and (2) an exemplary kinetic binding assay, where binding events can be tracked molecule-by-molecule in autofluorescent biological fluids. 
All welcome. Drinks and nibbles from 3:30pm, seminar starts, 4pm.

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