Workshop: collaboration opportunities with Astellas Pharma and Takeda

Image - Workshop: collaboration opportunities with Astellas Pharma and Takeda
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 10:30 to 12:00
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Kirby Seminar Room, Wallace Wurth
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To promote Takeda's Cockpi-t program in Australia. This is the second year that Takeda runs this program in Australia. Previously this program was exclusive to research institutes in Japan. In 2018, Takeda indicates interests in the following areas and has funded these four projects($100K/each) in Australia.

Astella Pharm

This will be an introductory workshop for Astella Pharm to understand Australia and Australian research institutes. Before their visit, a list of areas of interest will be provided. Astella's corporate pipeline could be found here.

Takeda presentation (20 min) + Astellas presentation (20 min) + Q&A or 1 on 1 talk (20min+).

Anticipated Speakers


Kazuko Nakanishi
Associate Director
Strategic Alliance, Innovation Promotion,
Shonan Research Central Office, Research

Astella Pharm:

Hiroyuki Usuda, Ph.D
Research Alliance, Research Planning & Administration
Drug Discovery Research


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